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Many people are accessing the site. Please add your experiences with Abe/Avraham/Lou/Alex etc. to the site.

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Abe/Alex Still Trying to Get Over

This email came from an annoymous source:

Hi! I sure am grateful for your website. I thank GOD for leading me to it!
I met Alex on Christian Mingle a few weeks ago, and have only yet texted and talked with him on the phone. He certainly is very charming, and because I have had the unfortunate experience to have encountered sociopaths before, I have been very cautious with giving out my personal information to strange men. Well, I did give Alex my name, phone number, address, and even my email address. Alex told me that he wanted to send me some pictures via email.

Alex had told me all of the same lies about himself. He said that he was a Patent Lawyer, a Biomedical Engineer, just wrote three plays, told me he was a distant cousin of Irving Berlin. He told me that he was extremely wealthy. He told me about his bladder diversion surgery that had been done, and that he has a bag that holds his urine, and that he also has MS. He told me that he only travels by grayhound because of his MS, and was supposed to come and meet me last week, and then, suddenly, he ends up in the ER. He states that he has a colostomy done, and that he also has an inoperable brain tumor. Supposedly, he is still in the hospital.

I just stopped answering his letters last night after I found your blog. I do not know if I should actually tell him,, or just avoid him, and not answer him. His last text indicated that he was starting to receive rehab. The strange thing, after reading all of the information on your blog, I found out that he already has had this colostomy. I did ask him where he was, and he said that he was at Banner Health Services in Phoenix, AZ.

I am certainly grateful that I found your website, and I would like to prevent any woman from getting involved with this sociopath!

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Abe Berlin, Lew Berlin, Abraham Lewis Berlin, Elliot Loren Bemel, Alex Berlin, Alex Berle, etc. has NOT REPORTED IN FOR PROBABATION.
If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please let us know.

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One of Abe’s Children Speaks Out

Something positive has happened admist all this horror.
Even though Lew is, well, practically useless – the wonderful, good hearted, loving, caring, honest, trustworthy women he took advantage of have raised some good children.
I have personally met a sibling, officially confirmed with DNA testing, and I’ve gotta say that he is simply amazing.
I have built a caring relationship with him and his family, and will continue to do so for as long as they’ll have me in their lives.
To respect his privacy, I won’t go into anymore detail at this time.  
I will, however, kindly request that if there are any other children out there smart and curious enough to find this blog, *PLEASE* do not be afraid to communicate.  The blogmaster will keep everything anonymous to protect you.  The blogmaster has my permission to put us in touch with one another too.
As a child I remember always thinking that we were the only ones.  Surely nothing this crazy could happen to anybody else.  And right then our closet ends up with one large skeleton.  One we must never speak of, because the shame has overcome all the adults in my world and they’d rather shove it down and throw away the key.
Unfortunately that is one of the ways he gets all his powers.  Charm accounts for something, but the fear and shame which causes so many of us to “keep quiet” only fuels his flame.  He’s a professional liar and thief, and he preys on the vunerabilities and insecurities of anyone within his reach.
So my point is that if you’re out there, just like i was, thinking that you’re the only one… you aren’t.  And there are caring, honest people here who will listen to you.  Don’t be afraid anymore.  Reach out and let’s build something together.


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Abe Strikes Again…and the Victims Increase

I am the latest victim. On 5/23/14 I responded to a craigslist add for a 1996 Mercedes. I was told health issues forced the sale and after hearing his story, felt sorry. He assured me the title was clean, even though it said nontransferable. It was from a speeding ticket that had been paid. I even gave him a ride to the Greyhound station so he could go visit his daughter in CA. He took $3,500.00 from me and left. I found out about the restitution lien on the car when I went to get it registered. The reason I am upset more than anything is that I need the car to take a friend who suffered a brain trauma get to his doctor and rehab appointments. I now have a car I can’t register and a friend who will not be able to get around. Alex (Abraham) was texting me until Friday, now nothing. I’m going to print your blog and the court records I have found and make a police report and visit the DA’s office. I feel like such a fool…

  • Hi David, Abe has been perfecting his lies for over 40 years and is a great liar w/o any conscious. Honest people cannot believe someone else would be dishonest so we become the victims.
    Please let us know what happens when you go to the DA.. Thanks.

    ALSO, David, what State did this happen in? California refuses to do anything. Maybe another state will finally be interested in protecting victims instead of the perp.
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Son Interviews Mom About Marriage to Abe

Son interviews his mother about the man that fathered him:

I know that this is very difficult for you. Mom, and that it has taken years before you were willing to discuss it. You were the victim, but you felt ashamed. Mom, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Only him. He is the criminal.

Mom: I’m not ready to open up completely because I am so upset about this situation. All I want is justice to finally be served to that stupid SOB. I’m not very good at opening up about these old painful memories. It’s been decades and still this all hurts so badly. I am willing to slowly open up as I feel more comfortable. I want him to suffer for all the pain he has caused. He had no reason to come into our lives pretending he was Mr. Wonderful. I can’t help but feel like a dummy for falling for all of this.

Son: You know that I’ve met my brother and talked with his Mom, how do you feel about that?

Mom: I know it’s a good thing, but I can’t help but feel apprehensive. I hate that something this horrible has happened to someone else, much less numerous others. She does seem like a nice woman, and her son is very handsome and reminds me of you.

Son: If you had a message to send to them, what would you say?

Mom: Let’s find a way to put him away so he’ll never see the light of day. He must pay for all he has done. I’m sorry that you both had to go thru all of this.

 Son: If you had a message for other wives he has had, what would it be?

Mom: If you feel slightly apprehensive or unsure before getting married, just trust your gut.

Son: If you had a message for other children he has had, what would it be?

Mom: I feel sorry that any other children had to go thru all of that. I decided that it was better to have one good parent and kicked his ass out.

 Son: If you had a message for other prospective victims of his, what would it be?

Mom: Be very cautious. He is a master of lies with a silver tongue. He will look for any vulnerabilities you have and use them to his advantage. He will throw around money (probably someone else’s) as if he’s well off.

 Son: If you had a message for Lew, what would it be?

Mom: I don’t think the blog would allow those kind of dirty words. All I can say is ROT IN HELL.

Son: Tell me more about your story, what sticks out the most from the time when Lew was with you?

Mom: Sigh. He told me my engagement ring belonged to his Grandmother. When he was no longer in the picture I tried to pawn it and found out it was a cheap CZ. He said he owned a TV store, but actually it belonged to somebody else. He was just an employee there. I believe he might have been a parolee and the store owner felt sorry for him and gave him a job. He got credit cards using my good credit and his silver tongue.

 Son: Tell me about when you first met Lew.

Mom: A man at my work bought a TV from that store Lew worked at. Lew might have asked him if he knew any pretty women. He sent someone to my work who actually asked me if he could photograph me. I still have the photos he took.

 Son: Wasn’t it creepy that some stranger took pics of you? How did that play out?

Mom: I don’t really recall how it was pitched. Lew frequently sent flowers to woo me. Always sent lots of flowers, music boxes, and teddy bears.

 Son: So your first date was a blind date, how did that start off?

Mom: He came to pick me up and we went to a really expensive restaurant. He brought champagne for my parents and paid for dinner with hundred dollar bills.

 Son: Any other memories of the wooing stage?

Mom: I remember him taking me shopping a lot. He frequently bought me clothes as it was something I really enjoyed doing. Who knows who’s money he used for that.

Son: So I hear he is also known for screwing jewelry stores. Tell me a little about that.

Mom: He used his Jewish roots to swindle Jewish business store owners. He got a very expensive watch and a few pens similar to Mont Blonc. He got me an engraved ID bracelet too.

 Son: With Lew’s cons free flowing, it’s hard to imagine him surviving this long. Most would have killed him. Do you remember a moment when he had a near death experience?

Mom: Yes. He screwed somebody here and needed to run away for awhile. He went about 100 miles away to hideout while things calmed down. The person he was afraid of came to the house and demanded to talk to him, but he was never there when the heat was on.

Son: Did his evil ways ever cause you or your family to be in danger?

Mom: Yes. He frequently made deals to deliver things for cash under the table. I was pregnant and I remember one guy wanted to find him so badly but Lew was never around. My apartment got robbed out of nowhere, probably due to one of Lew’s buddies. Eventually this victim made death threats to my entire family. It was horrible.

 Son: Where else do you recall him working?

Mom: Mostly retail establishments. He always pretended he was more than he actually was.

 Son: Did he ever write hot checks?

Mom: This happened more towards the end. He wrote some for rent, which of course bounced.

 Son: What do you recall about his health and stature?

Mom: He had good health, though I remember he had one fake tooth that kept falling out. He wore glasses and never wanted to go to the doctor. He didn’t like taking medication either.

 Son: Do you think there was any validity to his marriages?

Mom: I suspect that he was married to another woman when he married me. At the time there was no internet, no means of finding these things out (easily).

Son: Tell me about how you got married.

Mom: We went to Vegas. I almost didn’t marry him because I had so many doubts. Something didn’t feel right.

 Son: Tell me about the divorce and child support.

Mom: I got it without him. It was abandonment. He was supposed to pay child support but they couldn’t find him. I never did get anything. I would like to believe we can all unite and use that (inability to pay child support) to help put him in jail.

 Son: Do you have any closing messages for the readers who are afraid to come forth? Any additional feelings that you would like to share today?

Mom: Overwhelming feelings of anger and stupidity may prevent you from wanting to do the right thing, but justice must be served. This scumbag must be stopped. I know you are scared, and I was too. I was always afraid of him coming back, stealing my child and selling him. Between fear and anger I just stuffed down the emotions and didn’t say anything. Now I see that this was wrong. My shame helped to keep his cover all this time, and it ends now. Together we can stop this man.

(Message from the Blog Master: If any of you know of any marriages that were not dissolved, please let us know. If nothing else, let’s get this many for bigamy.)

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Father’s Day Greeting From One of Abe’s Children

I can only hope that this Father’s day, you are overcome with a sense of guilt and true sadness.
However, I realize you must first have a soul in order to feel guilt – so that may be a stretch for you.
You spread your seed like your spread your lies.
The world needs nothing more from you.
Maybe we can hook you up with Lorena Bobbitt for a weekend.
I’m sure she’d be glad to help you with your “problems.”
Quit draining society and all its hard working, honest people.
Heck, if you aren’t sure how to handle the situation, I’m sure everyone here could help direct you down the right path.
You make it hard to be a good Christian.  I am having a hard time thinking of good reasons for you to even be alive.
So obviously you are aware of the existence of the blog.
Where are your clever comments?
What happened to all your charm now?
Does it make you feel pride? shame? anything?
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