Before he Died Abe Still Scamming

Mr. Berlin rear ended my vehicle on the Freeway in LA late August. We both exited the freeway and pulled into a McDonald’s and began asking one another if they were ok.
Mr. Berlin acted as if he was the sweetest most apologetic person I’d ever met. After the accident we began swapping information. As I asked him normal questions one would ask after a accedent things did not add up. He was driving a rental car from Arizona that was not rented by him. As I read the rental agreement And looked at his Arozona Drivers license I noticed two different names. I immediately called him out on the issue and he in a very calm matter stated it was his cousins rental car.
I began explaining to him that I was concerned that he may not be covered by the insurance his cousin had purchased through the rental company as Mr. Berlin wasn’t on the rental agreement. He attempted multiple times to convince me that he was covered through the insurance provided by the rental company. I became very uncomfortable and slightly overwhelmed with deciding what to do as I was alone and a young female. I decided to call my mom who was showed up in about 5 minutes.
It was apparent he was more uncomfortable when my mother showed up as she has a very strong direct approach when communicating. My mom ended up calling the rental company who informed her he was not covered by the insurance. After being informed he was not covered my mother called highway patrol so a report could be made. when highway patrol showed up they spoke with us individually and gathered our insurance and required driving documents. Apparently Mr. Berlin provided the officer with an insurance policy number he had not shared with me. According to the officer the law says you just have to provide a policy number and insurance company and that is sufficient. It does not have to be an actual insurance card provided by you insurance.
After talking to the officer who stated she felt that Mr. Berlin was genuine (due to him cooperating with her questions) she had convinced me it would be easier if we handled everything through our insurances and not escalate the situation. I then decided to trust that officers opinion and decided we would keep in contact while our insurances handled the rest. Little did I know that this man was a crook!
A day after the accident I attempted to contact him via email and phone. He did not respond (as he must have been screening my calls). A few days later while on my lunch break at work a co-worker and I decided to do some investigating on Mr. Berlin as we both agreed almost everyone can be found via social media or the Internet. We were both unable to locate Mr. Berlin on social media sites so decided to just type his name into the Google search engine. The minute we typed in his name we were both mortified at what came up. We both decided that we would confront him that we were aware of his past and we’re going to notify law enforcement if he did not pay for the repairs of my vehicle.
After sending him a very long detailed message about how we had figured him out Mr. Berlin replied in a matter of minutes (this was on September 2nd). He asked that I did not bring up his past and that the reason he had not been responding to my multiple calls, text, and emails was because he had been in and out of doctor’s appointment. He gave me his address which was in LA and stated that we can set a time and date to meet so that he can write me a check for my damages. After all that I had found out about Mr. Berlin I knew that there was no way that I would meet with him at his residence. I realized I should just let my insurance handle it.
After weeks and weeks of my insurance attempting to contact him it was apparent that I was not going to be compensated for the damages to my vehicle. My insurance ended up providing the funds to fix my vehicle. If I would’ve known more on Mr. Berlin at the time of the accident things would have been handled extremely differently. The thought that I came in contact with this man still rubs me the wrong way. It upsets me
that he got away with all his criminal acts to this day.
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Abe Berlin Cremated

An anonymous tipster states that Abe was cremated in Arizona and that he died penniless.

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A Criminal Career Has Been Laid to Rest

Two sources have reported to this blog that Abe Berlin, Alex Berlin, Stan Berman, Loren Bemel, Abey Berlin, Alex Berle, Avrhom Berlin, Elliot Bemel, Lew Berlin and more, passed away on September 7, 2015.

For many of you, having him laid to rest will probably bring a loud sigh of relief that you will no longer have to worry that the long arm of his misdeeds will again snatch at your peace of mind and viciously attack your financial security. 

Many of you expressed your frustrations to the blog, and to me personally, that the government of California refused to lock him up because they considered him as “non-dangerous.” California refused to see that his victims were not only robbed, but they were humiliated. They blamed themselves for being taken in by his charm, wit and the lavish attention he paid them. It was as though he cleaned out their bank account, and then stripped them naked, some of them pregnant or with a small child, and left them on the town square to explain to the world what had happened to them.

Unfortunately his charm was laced with intelligence, cunning, a lack of morals and no conscience. No one could think like him, because none of his victims were like him. They were good people. Some wanted to be loved, some just wanted to help him, and he took advantage of them all. And he was never satisfied with the primary victim, he also went after their friends and relatives.

Those of you who were afraid to openly write about his thievery for fear of retaliation, can be assured that you are now safe.

So, yes, he did not get the justice he deserved in this world, but now he is in the final court and the Almighty judge will pass sentence.  

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POSSIBLE RESTITUTION FOR VICTIMS of Abe Berlin, Alex Berlin, Abey Berlin, Alex Berle, Avrhom Berlin, Elliott Bemel, Lew Berlin, Loren Eliot Bemel and Stan Berman

I will be co-authoring a book on the chicanery, misdeeds, outright thievery, fraud, malpractice (both legal and medical), abandonment of wives and children and outrageous lies of Abe Berlin.

We want the book to be a platform for the victims to speak out about the damage he caused them, emotional and financial.

There are so many victims that we will not be able to give voice to all, but if you think your story is interesting, and we accept it, you will share Five Percent of the Profits with the other chosen victims.

Additionally, FIFTEEN PERCENT will be divided amongst those whose stories we use based on the amount of financial damage caused. Factors, such as the worth of the dollar today as compared to what it was then, will be part of the calculations. In other words, someone who lost over $100,000 to Abe will receive a higher amount than a victim who suffered a $20,000 loss.

Here is your opportunity to warn others not only about this parasite but about others who use similar methods to fleece people. Abe, and people like him, especially like to prey on vulnerable women. Abe learned that if he marries his victim, he cannot be prosecuted under the law and so he married often, and given information by so many women, it appears that he married before obtaining divorces from previous wives.

This blog attracted the voice of a son who was repudiated by Abe but he was able to prove that in fact, he is a third son. Abe claims one daughter and two sons. There may be more children out there fathered and abandoned by Abe, time will tell.

Abe deserves a legacy; a  tribute to his lack of  character and purely selfish ego-centered personality that has him putting his wants before the needs of other people, causing him to  stoop to whatever it takes to separate a person from their assets. He is not satisfied with just fleecing the victim but also goes after their friends and families.

He is without boundaries, without empathy, and certainly without conscience, despite his silver tongue, which convinces people to believe he is trustworthy. From the stories I have heard thus far, it appears he is an outstanding actor.

 PLEASE SPEAK OUT. If you want to participate, please email me  at

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A Letter from “Abey Berlin” to Arlene

A letter from “Abey Berlin” to a Woman he Hoped to Fleece

(Abe was pursuing the goal of marriage with a Miss X and staying with her at her house. It didn’t take long for Miss X to find out that Abe had stolen a very large amount of gold coins and jewelry from her safe deposit box. After Ms. X threw Abe out, she found this letter he had written to someone else on her computer. Even as he is fleecing one victim, he is looking for the next. Also, Abe long ago found out that if he is married to his victim, the law will not prosecute him for theft so with both of these women he was pursing marriage at the same time. The names have been changed.)

“Arlene, please tell me the truth. Are we one, or not? This photo and smile tells me that you and I are we. I must know, as you are too important and I love you too much for me to handle this situation as it stood when I first received your email.

PLEASE ARLENE, I love you more than anything, anyone or anyone that will ever be. You can’t throw that away, nor your professed love, desire and need for me. I need my family back Arelen. Don’t take my family away from me, PLEASE. I need you all too very much.

Girl friends be damned. I am desperately in love with you, the kids, the harp, the fish, Bob and his car sickness, XXXX & XXXX and every other thing that has to do with you.

You are sleeping alone in our bed. You are having to make love without me. You have no one that truly cares about cleaning the fishes homes.

You have no one (G-D Willing) that will hold your hand tightly all the time. There is not one to kiss those lips, anywhere and everywhere and all the time. I love my partner in life—all forms of life.

Please respond so I can try to sleep a little bit. I have been unable to, at all, especially breaking my head open and having a slight exacerbation which doctor says was stress induced. I just don’t want to go on or do without yu. PLEASE don’t allow I can’t hear that voice if I can’t have my love. It will just be too damn difficult for me. Who the hell should I search walls for? Who will wear the cigar band rings?

Who will I be able to make laugh, as I can you? Whom will I love with all my heart, soul and complete being?

I CAN’T BE WITHOUT MY ARLENE. Who would I write my musical about??

G-D Willing your, Abey

Abe L. Berlin


With Much Love (today, tomorrow, and G-d Willin…

My Darling Arlene (words and music by____ this email not only created a great deal of happiness within me but also some tears. I really do not have any desire to make it without you and would honestly do ANYTHING to see that we are together. I need my family. Susan’s cough and all. The mere thought, that believe me I had with all the pain there could have been, being without you was much too much for me to handle. That is one reason it took so long for the first email. My fears got the best of me.

I AM TELLING YOU NOW, THERE IS NOTHING NOR ANY PERSON (LIFE LONG GIRLFRIEND OR NOT) THAT WILL PULL US APART. NOTHING. I cannot afford any more tears like the ones I shed after reading your email. It was as if the “friend” syndrome of past had crept up again in my life and was my destiny. NO MORE, I will not settle, nor will I keep my mouth shut if I feel my entire life (you and the children) are being attempted to be removed from me. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER. I hope ou understand that this cannot happen again, as I will not want to be without all of you, unless there is this Abey in the family.

Your “frequent ceiling club card” is being made up. There is only one being ever issued. I hope we wear it out! Darling, I need you to hold me, kiss me, smile and laugh with me and kiss me the way we have done before. All the time. Forever and always.

You asked if I wanted walls or an igloo? That in itself is reason I love you so much. It just seems you want to be with me, regardless. You have no idea how important that attitude is to me. I want walls. Ones that will hold fine art, photos of our girl and the Harp, Mike in front of the store, and most importantly photos of you (with me too, sometimes), just looking as lovely as you are, staring at me and saying “I love only you”, my Abey.

Arlene, you may not know (and I may be cutting my own throat by telling you??) but before I left I already changed my will, my medical directive, my personal trust, have a signature card for you to sign at the bank for ALL of my accounts, my Harvard (Spendthrift Trust), everything that is or will be important in the future—G-D Willing a long way of—however these are things that can only go to the one I honest and truly love and need. That is you.

There is just no way you could ever realize how deeply I love you and need you in my life. We need to be one.

I will phone Dr. NowSomething” today and create an appointment for us to cnsult with him on the surgery. I will phone my “girlfriend” Dr. Smith to set an appointment for the two of us to see her. We can go to Gary’s office also so you can meet each other and you can know what is what with me. I will also sign a directive in his office for you to be given all medical information about me, at any time.

You are already my life. Already my future. Already my family. Nothing nor anyone could ever after that, at least from my standpoint. I can only pray you will now and forever feel the same for me. Remember, if (when) we are formally a unit of one—which I believe we already are—there is no such thing as divorce, separation, separate beds.

I’m sorry

Abey Berlin”

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The Story of a Victim From 32 Years Ago…Abe/Alex/Lew has a life-long past of scamming people

I met Abe, who called himself Lew Berlin, at a hotel bar back in 1983 or 1984 while having an after work wine with a friend.  My first impression was that he was kind of dorky, which probably made him seem safe. He was with his wingman, the VP of Bonus Bags, which was Lew’s advertising company, and they were in town to meet with clients. His VP was named Ken and he was a big guy. Ken’s last name was something like Torkelson and he was from Atlanta.

Bonus Bags made an advertising coupon book that was attached to the brown paper bags that grocer’s put the groceries in at check-out. Clients that I know he worked with were Sentry and Red Owl. He was traveling between Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis and somewhere in Ohio.

Lew was flirtatious and he charmed me immediately. We went out for a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant. I wish it would have ended there.

Lew told me that he was divorced and had a two year old daughter. I believe he called his ex Sharon. He said that he had a lot of money and she did not have to work so she spent her days at the beauty salon getting her hair and nails done or shopping. Sharon still lived in the LA area, possibly Monterrey, which was his base of operations.

He told  me many stories that are familiar to readers of this blog. He said he came from a wealthy Jewish family. He said he had a law degree but didn’t practice law. He told me he was a folk singer during college. He claimed that he was related to the family that owned a popular junior fashion house in New York but I don’t remember the name right now. He said he was distantly related to Irving Berlin. He also said that the original family name, changed by immigration officials, was Balene (or Baleen, not sure of spelling) which might be a clue to other identities.

Lew was interviewed by “Advertising Age” and he showed me the article. It helped give him credibility, although the tone of the article was somewhat skeptical.

I knew Lew for 1-2 years, although it was only sporadic. He made all kinds of promises and said he wanted to bring me into his world. There were all kinds of clues that he was not what he claimed but I wanted to believe he was true.

Lew scammed me with a car deal. He claimed to be buying cars for a free giveaway for Bonus Bags and he could get a discount for me. I took out a loan and paid $9000 for the car, which never arrived. When I starting putting pressure on Lew he paid back some of the money, maybe about $2000-2500.

He told me he had cancer as a way of gaining sympathy.

Of course, Lew eventually disappeared with the remainder of the money.

I did try to pursue it legally but did not have the financial resources to continue to pay the lawyer. I also reported him to the local police and FBI but it was not an important case to them.

Lew was working with Red Owl in Minneapolis when I last talked to him. I did eventually talk to someone there who worked with him and she said they had heard he was in jail.


(Blog Master comment: If Abe/Alex/Lew had cancer in 1983, 32 years ago, I think it is time that a scientific study should be done to find out how he has managed to survive all these years.

Our timeline (see at bottom of blog) shows that Abe/Alex/Lew was married in 1984 but I don’t think Abe ever lets morals or laws get in his way)

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Abe’s Life of Crime Continues

For all of you who have been following Abe’s life of crime, I am sure you are wondering why things have been quiet lately. If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that Abe never lets a day go by without trying to separate someone from their hard earned possessions and money. Unfortunately everyone does not find this blog, but fortunately for Lee, his friend did.

Abe Berlin, identifying himself as Alex Berlin called Lee who works at a precious metals dealer selling gold & silver

Alex claimed that he wanted to set up a trust for his nephew and before he would set up the trust he needed to liquidate $750,000 of assets, mainly in property in Santa Monica.

Abe (going by the name of Alex) built his story with tales of woe which included:

  • His wife died;
  • His son Nathan died
  • He was dying

Lee, as most people with a heart would do, felt sorry for him and reached out to Alex in friendship.  He offered to look at Alex’s Santa Monica condo and told Alex that if his wife liked it, he would purchase it.

“I’m very sick”, Alex repeatedly told Lee, claiming that he had six to nine months to live.

Lee made an appointment to look at Alex’s condominium, but first made some arrangements to help Alex out. He knew of a marijuana clinic from his friend “Bob” whose mother had been suffering before she died and marijuana had helped ease the pain. Alex told him that he would happily drive into California from Arizona where he is taking care of his mother (in fact, Abe’s mother Mildred Bemel died in 2011), because he normally comes to California once a week anyone. (By the way blog readers, Abe’s parole states that he is not to leave California but he has been totally non-compliant and California keeps ignoring his breaking of the law.)

When Alex came in the next week, they arrived at the marijuana dispensary “Alex/Abe was told that because he had an Arizona driver’s license they could not treat him.

Lee continued to feel sorry for Alex and they began speaking daily developing a close relationship.

Alex claimed to have developed a kidney dialysis machine for which he stated he had a patent. He brought his friend Carlos along to back up this bogus claim. Alex also claimed to be an attorney.

Then Lee asked to see the condo:  Alex’s response was, “Oh, I want to clean up the property first, we can see it tomorrow”.

Alex/Abe showed him an M Berry (a “Miracle” fruit tablet sold on and other places), claiming he owned the patent. Alex then offered Lee a partnership in that business, which he does not own.

The night after they went to the marijuana clinic, Lee took Alex to a motel where he could spend the night. The motel asked for a credit card. Alex said that he did not own a credit card and that he paid cash for everything. The motel insisted on a credit card so Lee obligingly offered his.

After leaving Alex at the motel, Lee called his friend Bob back. Bob had done some sleuthing and found out that the Santa Monica condo that Alex was to show Lee the next day was at a non-existent address. Also, Lee had noticed that when Alex showed his driver’s license to the motel clerk, the name on the license was “Abraham Berlin” and not Alex. When Lee asked about the name difference, Abe/Alex claimed he just liked the name Alex better.

Lee and Bob had plenty of reason at this point to doubt Abe’s story and did a little research. That is when they discovered this blog.

Lee, now armed with the knowledge that Abe/Alex is an outright fraud and thief, returned to the motel, and shared his information with the clerk. The two of them went to Berlin’s room and told him basically the charade had come to an end and he had to vacate the room. He tried to argue the point but I gave him a look (and I am physically fit). He thought better of it and then Berlin quietly packed his bag and left.

Berlin has been kicked out of many places when his deceit and lies have come to light, not to mention his colorful history of crime, but he is undaunted by the shame and humiliation because as a true sociopath, he doesn’t feel the usual emotions that most people feel. He certainly feels no remorse and has no conscience. So readers, BEWARE.

Lee’s story

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