Articles on Arrests of Abe Berlin, Abe Lew Berlin, Elliot Bemel, Stan Berman, Alex Berle

Below are articles on Abe Berlin (also known as Abe Lew Berlin, Abraham Lew Berlin, Stan Berman, Alex Berlin, Alex Berle, Elliot Bemel, Loren Elliot Bemel, etc.)


Abe has chosen a State to live in that has no room for prisoners, so unfortunately Abe is free to continue with his lies, deceit, theft, and trickery. 

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Abe Berlin a/k/a Alex Berlin a/k/a Alex Berle

Beware ladies. Abe keeps changing his name so that people do not find this blog. Lately he has been fishing on

His newest name is Alex Berle

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Is Abe/Alex/Lew/Abraham/Abram/Stan a Bigamist?

We have reason to believe that Abe did not always get a divorce from a present wife before marrying another. After all, we all know that laws, other’s rights, or other’s hearts, mean nothing to him. If you have any information about a marriage that was not annulled or divorced, please contact us. If you do not want your correspondence to be seen on the blog, please write to:

Also, we are seeking the real Alex Berlin who wrote a screenplay that Abe Berlin claims he wrote. Any and all information would be appreciated.

The Blog Master

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Alex Berlin Pretends to be Patent Lawyer in Effort to Rip Off Company

The letter below was written to the off-site email address for this blog (

“I received a letter today from Alex Berlin, D.Sc. PhD, asking for a “sample” of my product, an Anatomical Apron.  I am wondering if this is your man, Abe?  Mr. Berlin claims to be  Biomedical Engineer, a patent attorney, and a double ostomate (claims to have a bladder and bowel diversion.)  He claims to have seen my ad in the December issue of the Phoenix magazine (a magazine for people with ostomies.)  I am attaching a copy of the letter & envelope.”

“Mr. Berlin has offered  to “help me” obtain a patent on my product and with any marketing and distribution.  My product is already patented. As a patent attorney, I would have thought he would have searched it and found it himself.  Something felt eerie about this letter that I received today so I decided to search his name and found your blog.  I am wondering if this might be your fellow, what do you think?”

After answering the above inquiry, we received this email:

“Thank you, what a creep.  This fellow is a turd.  I have forwarded the information to the publisher of the Phoenix Magazine so he can notify the other advertisers.  Thank you again for your informative blog.


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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,600 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

In addition to the USA, there have been many viewers from Canada and Israel. Again, we welcome one and all to tell their stories. If you do not want to see your email address on the comments page, please email me directly at I will not put anything on the blog that you do not authorize. Also, emails to the private email address will ensure that if you do want your story up there, I can put it up annoyomously and erase your email address.

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Jewelry Finessed From Rightful Owner by Abe Returned From Another Victim

Wow, talk about great Karma!! A reader who saw my plea to return to me my stolen jewelry has sent me the whole lot that Abe had given her. After so many times that I asked him to return and him shining me on with ” oh, the distributors have sent them to other distributors”, etc, etc., I have them back in my possession. Thank you so much dear lady, it was such an honest thing to do. Unlike Abe, the most dishonest man I’ve ever known, this woman was nice enough to send them back to me. I was able to get her telephone number and we had such a nice conversation this evening.

We need to get this terrible monster stopped in his tracks. So many women have so innocently come to lose their bank accounts, dignity, and self respect. This Abe, has no conscience whatsoever and preys on women in order to sustain his lifestyle.
Someday his Karma will come unto him, but wouldn’t it be nice if we saw it happen now??


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Handmade Jewelry Taken by Abe/Alex to be Returned to Rightful Owner

One of the posts below is from a woman that befriended Abe. He told her he would sell her jewelry for her and although she tried to reach him many times, he would not reply to her calls. 

One of Abe’s other victims emailed into the blog to say that when she discovered what his true character was, and threw him out, he left many items behind, including the handmade jewelry.

These two ladies are now hooked up and the jewelry will be returned.

REMINDER: Write in about your dealings with this man so that others can be warned. Sometimes something good will come of it.

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